Marketing ain't easy.

But we can help.

We believe that empathy is the secret ingredient missing from most marketing cocktails. Our passion is to know an audience, empathize with their pain-points, and to create nutritious content and ads that resonate.

Our goal is to position our clients as thought leaders who’s wisdom is easily discoverable on the search engines. Our deliverables will make your website an oasis of valuable content; a place where your audience can come and quench their thirst for knowledge.

We get unnaturally excited about SEO optimized websites. We lose sleep getting lost in shiny new marketing tools. We high-five and hug way too much. In essence, we are proud, happy, ambitious marketing nerds.

Pipeline Inbound Leadership

Say hello to our little team of master marketing mixologists.

About Pipeline Inbound - Mark Jackson - Founder Director

Mark Jackson

Founder | Director

Being born in the writer's paradise of New England and then five years working in Hollywood made Mark love storytelling. He loves seeing and experiencing an audience's attention focusing in on a narrative that captivates.

Moving to Colorado to be in the mountains was the best thing for his soul though, and starting Pipeline Inbound was a way to tell stories for companies while satisfying a core need for measurable growth.

Life Goals - Future Motocross Superstar

About Pipeline Inbound - Dan Kelly - Content and Accounts

Dan Kelly

Director | Content & Accounts

If you ask Dan about Pizza, Peru or the Seattle SuperSonics he's likely to get a little frothy.

Under every other circumstance, he is calm, curious and present. A proactive listener. A professional question-asker. A lifelong writer. Rumor has it there's a 300 page novel in a shoebox under his bed and notebook full of teenage love poems in the attic at his childhood home.

Life Goals - Future NBA Basketball Player