We Build Your

SEM Machine

After 7, 13, or 19 months with us, we will have defined your audiences, built your keyword strategy, set up all your inbound marketing tooling (for both organic and paid SEM), built all your search ads for Google, created a vast body of SEO'd posts with images, delivered countless newsletters, and we train your team to keep it going. Simple, right?

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SEM Foundation Sprint — Three Phases


01. Set Up

Month (0-2) – We build detailed audience personas, define and execute your keyword strategy, optimize your existing website, define KPI’s, and do anything else we need to ensure the succes of ouf paid and organic SEM strategy.


02. Execution

Ad Setup, Content Creation, & Colloration – After set up is complete, for the majority of the engagement we own your Google Ads account, write eight posts a month with images, deliver your email newsletters, and collaborate with your team so they learn as we deliver and optimize.


03. Training And Check-Up

For the last two months of the engagement, we pass off all tooling and formally train your team to a strong level of comfort with Search Engine Marketing. We hone their set of skills so they feel confident executing and strategizing after we are gone. Six months later we do a check-up to see how it’s going and tweak if necessary.

With the SEM Foundation Sprint, our express purpose is to work ourselves out of a job.

Pipeline Inbound helped us increase our engagement with customers, creating remarkable content and developing a customized inbound marketing process/plan. Together, we jumpstarted these changes quickly and efficiently resulting in our sales team exceeding our sales goals.

Kathy HedleyVP of Marketing - Celergo

We wouldn't be the fastest growing self-funded company in the US were it not for our early days with Pipeline Inbound.

Ben WrightCEO - Velocity Global

Pipeline Inbound helped us put together a beautiful website, a foundation of blog content, and are always there to answer any questions we have.

Chris PowellPresident - GPS Staffing

They get what and how a website -- and a web presence -- is supposed to work.

Steve FerrisFounder - Real Estate Garage

For the first time in history, companies can build an appreciating marketing asset.

SEM is fundamentally different from all other forms of marketing.  We help you take advantage of the natural tendency every person has today to go to search engines every time they need an answer.

If you define your audience clearly, pick topics that are important to them, and then create content and ads that are optimized for search engines, you will become a source of their answers.  The best part is, the more you do it the more effective it becomes…

Does the SEM Foundation Sprint sound interesting to you?