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There are many reasons why you may not have a CMO, VP, or Head of Marketing today. If budget, recruitment, or churn problems are plaguing you, one of our fractional/part-time marketing leaders can lead the marketing charge while you get it figured out.

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How We Approach Being a Fractional Marketing Leader


01. Assessment

Month (0-1) – We always start every fractional marketing leader engagement with an assessment of the current marketing efforts. We want to understand what (if anything) is working, who you are targeting, as well as how you are currently getting leads and converting them into customers.


02. Plan of Attack & KPI’s

Month (1-2) – Once we have a grasp of the current situation from our assessment, it’s time to build a plan to get in front of the target prospects and define KPI’s for success. We’ll help you understand personas, funnels, conversion pathways, and any other marketing jargon you’re willing to play with.


03. Execution & Transition

Month (2+) – From this point forward we own the direction and progress of your marketing organization.  We execute campaigns, build any materials you need, find the right contractors, etc.  You just tell us how many hours you want us to work and we’ll deliver everything we can.  Eventually, we’ll pass it all off to your full-time resource.

As a fractional CMO, we focus on defining and achieving the best intersection of your current situation, marketing goals, and budget constraints.

Pipeline Inbound helped us increase our engagement with customers, creating remarkable content and developing a customized inbound marketing process/plan. Together, we jumpstarted these changes quickly and efficiently resulting in our sales team exceeding our sales goals.

Kathy HedleyVP of Marketing - Celergo

We wouldn't be the fastest growing self-funded company in the US were it not for our early days with Pipeline Inbound.

Ben WrightCEO - Velocity Global

Pipeline Inbound helped us put together a beautiful website, a foundation of blog content, and are always there to answer any questions we have.

Chris PowellPresident - GPS Staffing

They get what and how a website -- and a web presence -- is supposed to work.

Steve FerrisFounder - Real Estate Garage

Are you lacking marketing leadership and have hit a wall?